"The art of letting go"

with Kirstine Ravn

We are going deep.
Inwards and downwards.
Into peace.
Into being.
With ourselves, and with everything that is, in that moment.
Most of us are performing - all the time.
The tempo in which most of us live our lives are high, it can be dificuilt to do pauses and rest.
And recharge.
Re boost.
But how would you feel, if you did exactly the opposite?
If you slowed down, found a comfortable seat.
You dont have to do anything.
You dont have to change anything.
You dont have to look for anything.
You are right where you are meant to be.
And, recognizing this, you allow yourself to simply feel.
To observe.
And release.
Observe your thoughts.
Observe your physical sensations.
Observe your emotions, moods, dispositions.
Observe whatever arises in you.
What will you find?
Observing, with no judgements.
Nothing in there is 'right' or 'wrong'?
Some sensations or emotions might be unsoothing or uncomfortable to feel.
But not “wrong”
We observe allow and release.
We work slowly, or in the exact tempo each of us require.
"You got to feel it to heal it”

We'll work peacefully in a safe and shared sacred space.
Yin Yoga-poses are easy to do for most, and can be adjusted using guidance and props, so they serve every imaginable body type - without losing their power and effectiveness.
Every Yin Yoga practice will be precede with a mediation that focuses our attention on the areas, we are going to work in.
We'll practice twice per day.
In the morning, and in the afternoon.
I will hold space for you.
Anja and Magnus will co-facilitate Friday evening and Sunday during the day.
Together, we'll invite you into a Rapé-ceremony Friday evening; and a Sacred Cacao-ceremony Sunday, before you return to you everyday life.
These two ceremonies invite you even deeper.

Are you ready to let go?
When not participating in one of the planned sessions, you are free to move around the magnificently beautiful piece of land, into which the Gaia Temple is anchored by its deep roots.
Maybe you'll enjoy a walk into the magical forest landscape that surrounds the Temple?
Or maybe a swim in the lake by which it is carefully embraced?
Or, if you desire even more stillness, the Temple itself presents a plethora of opportunities - nooks and corners gently distributed throughout many floors of the several buildings found on the site.
And the garden is a must-see/ must feel.
It simply has to be experienced.


START Thursday 20 April
FINNISH Sunday 23 April


€ 620 / 6945 SEK 
This retreat is in English

The Gaia Temple will provide us with an abundance of delicious and beautiful vegan dishes.
I invite you to bring a notebook.
It can prove useful to jot down whatever sensations, insights, and understandings you experience while you are here.
Dream activity can also increase significantly during the retreat.
Thiese I also urge you to journalize.
Yogis choice of course.
Bring, also, the most comfortable clothes you own.
The clothes in which you feel, you can truly relax.
And if you have an instrument of power, you feel an erdge to bring.
Feel free!
Be it stringed, or percussive, or just your beautiful voice.
I am looking immensely forward, to be holding the space for you and your journey at Gaia temple.

TEACHER ~ Kirstine Ravn @ravenyogacph/INSTAGRAM


Text/call (0045) 61306999

Kirstine Ravn

Kirstine has been studying, practicing and teaching various yoga and meditation forms, closing in on 25 years. She specialised in Yin Yoga and Yin Yoga Therapy.

Kirstine is currently studying plant and herbal medicine and is a certified NADA acupunkturist.

Kirstine has a Social work bachelor degrees and has worked with numerous therapy forms. Amongst others:

  • Cognety therapy

  • Marte Meo

  • LØFT ( Solution oriented therapy and conversation)

  • Trauma release

  • Shadow work

  • Breath therapy

Kirstine finds the yin yoga and therapy yin powerful beyond most other forms since this kind og work is targeting mind, physical body and energy system all at the same time.

Kirstine loves all Yoga and meditation forms, but has lost her heart completely to the Yin and Yin therapy practice.